CS Network CSRes Network

Machines are supported by the CS department tech staff, including both hardware and software issues.

Machines are supported by the user listed as the Responsible Party (RP).
Machines are generally purchased in groups of six (6), although this rule isn't as heavily enforced as in the past now that production machines run a more standard version of Ubuntu. CSRes has multiple firewall levels:
  • By default, machines on CSRes are heavily firewalled
  • If certain exceptions are needed, a CS faculty member must provide justification by contacting helpreq@cs.
Machine specs must be approved by the tech staff since they will be providing support. For reference, department machines are typically purchased from Dell. Machines can have custom hardware specs and run different operating systems.
Machines have access to the department filers so they will accept CS logins and provide access to user home directories. Users (the RP) are responsible for security updates on the machines.
  Users (the RP) are responsible for any inappropriate usage.