Full-time (9-hour) Tuition Rate 2021-22

In-State: $4,608 per semester    Out-of-State: $9,081 per semester

For additional Cost of Attendance information, please visit https://gradschool.utexas.edu/admissions/where-to-begin/cost-of-attendance

Successful applicants to the PhD program for fall semesters will be considered for doctoral fellowships during the application process. In addition to the doctoral fellowships, teaching assistantships and graduate research assistantships may be offered to PhD students for up to five academic years. Most PhD students obtain a graduate research assistantship by the second or third year of the program, working under a research supervisor. Please see the financial information page for more information about funding available for students in the PhD program.

We do not offer financial assistance with admission to the master's program. Teaching and research positions are sometimes available; however, students who apply to the master's program should be prepared to finance their study here. A summer internship between years is often available through one of the companies who are Friends of Computer Science (FoCS). These internships help our master's students fund their study and provide valuable professional experience.

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