CS388: Natural Language Processing (Spring 2021)

Instructor: Greg Durrett, gdurrett@cs.utexas.edu
Lecture: Tuesday and Thursday 9:30am - 11:00am, on Zoom (see Canvas for Zoom links)
Instructor Office Hours: Tuesday 1pm-2pm, Wednesday 3:30pm-4:30pm (see Canvas for Zoom links)
TA: Xi Ye; xiye@cs.utexas.edu
TA Office Hours: Monday 11am-12pm, Thursday 3:30pm-4:30pm (see Canvas for Zoom Link)

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This class is a graduate-level introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP), the study of computing systems that can process, understand, or communicate in human language. The course covers fundamental approaches, largely machine learning and deep learning, used across the field of NLP as well as a comprehensive set of NLP tasks both historical and contemporary. Techniques studied include basic classification techniques, conditional random fields, tree-structured models, recurrent and convolutional neural networks, attention mechanisms, and pre-trained neural models such as BERT. Problems range from syntax (part-of-speech tagging, parsing) to semantics (lexical semantics, question answering, grounding) and include various applications such as summarization, machine translation, information extraction, and dialogue systems. Programming assignments throughout the semester involve building scalable machine learning systems for various of these NLP tasks.



Detailed syllabus with course policies

Assignments: There are four programming assignments that require implementing models discussed in class. Framework code in Python and datasets will be provided. In addition, there is an open-ended final project to be done in teams of 2 (preferred) or individually. This project should constitute novel exploration beyond directly implementing concepts from lecture and should result in a report that roughly reads like an NLP/ML conference submission in terms of presentation and scope.

Mini 1: Classification for Person Name Detection [code and dataset download]

Project 1: CRF tagging for NER [code and dataset download] [very strong project writeup sample]

Mini 2: Neural Networks for Sentiment Analysis [code and dataset download]

Project 2: Encoder-Decoder Models for Question Answering [code and dataset download]

Final Project

Readings: Textbook readings are assigned to complement the material discussed in lecture. You may find it useful to do these readings before lecture as preparation or after lecture to review, but you are not expected to know everything discussed in the textbook if it isn't covered in lecture. Paper readings are intended to supplement the course material if you are interested in diving deeper on particular topics. Bold readings and videos are most central to the course content; it's recommended that you look at these.

The chief text in this course is Eisenstein: Natural Language Processing, available as a free PDF online. For deep learning techniques, this text will be supplemented with selections from Goldberg: A Primer on Neural Network Models for Natural Language Processing. (Another generally useful NLP book is Jurafsky and Martin: Speech and Language Processing (3rd ed. draft), with many draft chapters available for free online; however, we will not be using it much for this course.)

Date Topics Readings Assignments
Jan 19 Introduction [4pp] Mini 1 out
Jan 21 Binary Classification [4pp] Eisenstein 2.0-2.5, 4.2-4.4.1
Perceptron and logistic regression
Jan 26 Multiclass Classification [4pp] Eisenstein 4.2
Multiclass lecture note
Jan 28 Sequence Models 1: HMMs [4pp] Eisenstein 7.0-7.4, 8.1
Manning+11 POS
Viterbi lecture note
Mini 1 due / Proj 1 out
Feb 2 Sequence Models 2: CRFs [4pp] Eisenstein 7.5, 8.3
Sutton CRFs 2.3, 2.6.1
Wallach CRFs
Feb 4 Neural 1: Feedforward [4pp] RatinovRoth2009 NER
Eisenstein 3.0-3.3
Botha+17 FFNNs
Iyyer+15 DANs
Feb 9 Neural 2: Word Embeddings; Bias [4pp] Eisenstein 3.3.4, 14.5-14.6
Goldberg 5
Mikolov+13 word2vec
Pennington+14 GloVe
Levy+14 Matrix Factorization
Grave+17 fastText
Bolukbasi+16 Gender
Gonen+19 Debiasing
Feb 11 Neural 3: RNNs [4pp] JM 9.1-9.4
Goldberg 10-11
Karpathy+15 Visualizing
Proj 1 due / Mini2 out
Feb 23 OPTIONAL: Annotation, Dataset Bias [4pp] Wang+15 Overnight
Gebru+18 Datasheets
Gururangan+18 Artifacts
Gardner+20 Contrast sets
Feb 25 Neural 4: Language Modeling, ELMo [4pp] Eisenstein 6
JM 9.2.1
Melis+17 LSTM LMs
Merity+16 Pointer
Peters+18 ELMo
Peters+19 Frozen vs fine-tuned
Mar 2 Trees 1: Constituency, PCFGs [4pp] Eisenstein 10.0-10.5
JM 12.1-12.6, 12.8
KleinManning13 Structural
Collins97 Lexicalized
Mini2 due / FP out
Mar 4 Trees 2: Dependency, Shift-reduce, State-of-the-art Parsers [4pp] Eisenstein 11.1-11.3
JM 13.1-13.3, 13.5
Dozat+17 Dependency
JM 13.4
Andor+16 Parsey
KitaevKlein20 Linear-time
Mar 9 Semantics / Seq2seq 1 [4pp] Eisenstein 12
Mar 11 Seq2seq 2: Attention [4pp] Sutskever+14 Seq2seq
JiaLiang16 Recomb
Bahdanau+14 Attention
Luong+15 Attention
FP proposal due / Proj 2 out
Mar 23 Seq2seq 3: Copying/Pointers, Degeneration, etc. [4pp] Vaswani+17 Transformers
Holtzman+19 Degeneration
Mar 25 MT 1: Phrase-based [4pp] Eisenstein 18.0-18.2
Vogel96 HMM
Koehn04 Pharaoh
Mar 30 MT 2: Neural, Transformers [4pp] Eisenstein 18.3-18.4
Alammar Transformer Blog
BostromDurrett20 Tokenization
Wu+16 Google NMT
SennrichZhang19 Low-resource
Aji+20 Transfer
April 1 Pre-training 1: BERT, GPT [4pp] Radford+18 GPT
Devlin+19 BERT
Radford+19 GPT2
Liu+19 RoBERTa
Clark+19 What does BERT look at?
Rogers+20 BERTology
Proj 2 due
April 6 Pre-training 2: BART/T5, GPT-3, Ethics [4pp] Raffel+19 T5
Lewis+19 BART
Kaplan+20 Scaling
Brown+20 GPT3
BenderGebru+21 Stochastic Parrots
April 8 Generation: Dialogue, Summarization [4pp] Yu+19 Gunrock
Adiwardana+20 Google Meena
Roller+20 Facebook Blender
See+17 Pointer-Generator
GoyalDurrett20 Factuality
April 13 Interpreting NNs [4pp] Lipton+16 Mythos
Ribeiro+16 LIME
Simonyan+13 Visualizing
Sundararajan+17 Int Grad
Nguyen18 Evaluating Explanations
Interpretation Tutorial
April 15 QA 1: Reading comprehension [4pp] Rajpurkar+16 SQuAD
Sei+16 BiDAF
April 20 QA 2: Multi-hop, etc. [4pp] JiaLiang17 Adversarial
Chen+17 QA on Wikipedia
Lee+19 Latent Retrieval
ChenDurrett19 Multi-hop reasoning
Kwiatkowski+19 NaturalQuestions
April 22 GUEST LECTURE: Jason Baldridge Sanabria+21 Talk Don't Write
Koh+21 Text-to-image
Zhang+21 Cross-Modal Contrastive Learning
Ku+20 Room-across-room
McLelland+20 Integrated
April 27 Multilingual / Cross-lingual models [4pp] DasPetrov11 Xlingual POS
McDonald+11 Xlingual parsing
Ammar+16 Xlingual embeddings
ArtetxeSchwenk19 Multilingual sent embs
Conneau+20 XLM-R
Pires+19 How multilingual is mBERT?
Clark+20 TyDI
April 29 Wrapup + Ethics [4pp] HovySpruit2016 Social Impact of NLP
Zhao+17 Bias Amplification
Rudinger+18 Gender Bias in Coref
Gebru+18 Datasheets for Datasets
Raji+20 Auditing
BenderGebru+21 Stochastic Parrots
May 4 FP presentations 1 [4pp]
May 6 FP presentations 2 [4pp] FP due May 12