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Friends of Computer Science - Qualcomm
12/21/2012 - Qualcomm, a long-time supporter of UTCS, steps forward to make an $80,000 commitment to a Computer Science excellence fund. In recognition of its contribution, the Board of Regents agreed to name the coffee shop in the new Bill & Melinda Gates Computer Science Complex, “The Qualcomm Café.” Read More
12/21/2012 - AUSTIN, Texas—Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have designed a simulation that for the first time emulates key properties of electronic topological insulators. Read More
Capital Campaign Update
12/19/2012 - In less than a month, the fences come down and UT Computer Science will be handed the keys to its new home—The Bill and Melinda Gates Computer Science Complex and Dell Computer Science Hall. [...] philanthropy’s importance has moved well beyond large capital projects like this one; it is now central to everything we do. Read More
12/14/2012 - "When girls think of computer science, they think of the gamers and sitting in a cubicle to program," says Cassidy Lamm, a sophomore at the U. of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. "But I've found that you can do so much more with it." Read More
Alan Turing
12/13/2012 - Competition for top students is at an all-time high, and state support is at an all-time low. Some alumni are stepping in to fill the gap and challenging others to do the same. Read More
12/07/2012 - Professors C. Grant Willson and S.V. Sreenivasan received the Inventor of the Year award Thursday for developing a nanolithography process used for manufacturing computer chips, hard drives and other electronic components. They took their research beyond the laboratory in co-founding Molecular Imprints Inc., an Austin-based company with more than 100 employees. Read More
A New Curriculum for a New Marketplace
12/07/2012 - UTCS develops a new, flexible curriculum in response to an expanding field of study and explosive enrollment growth that many are referring to as a new Sputnik moment. Read More
Game Development Program
12/07/2012 - The gaming industry is one of the fastest growing intersections of entertainment, art, and technology. Austin alone produces more than $1 billion in gaming centered economic impact and houses in excess of 100 gaming studios. Arguably, a world-class game development program that can support and take advantage of the Austin game scene is both natural and overdue. Read More
Friends of Computer Science - General Motors
12/07/2012 - “Information is power.” As a result, business leaders constantly seek better information to give them a competitive edge and help them manage their businesses. In a company like GM, much of that responsibility falls in the hands of its IT department. As such, GM is creating Innovation Centers to gather the brightest minds to build information solutions. Read More
12/07/2012 - The Department of Computer Science has milestones in its growth that mark moments of unusual significance. We are approaching just such a milestone. [...] I am distinctly happy to report that by this time next month, our doors will be open, and UTCS will have all of its faculty, staff, and students under a single roof for the first time in the department’s history. Read More
12/06/2012 - Can a university engaged in world-changing research truly educate undergraduate students? A new study finds that UT-Austin (and Texas A&M) is doing just that. Read More
12/03/2012 - Lorenzo Alvisi has been selected for a prestigious Humboldt Research Award. Read More
12/03/2012 - President Powers recently announced Michael Scott as a recipient of the 2012-13 President's Associates Teaching Excellence Award. This award recognizes Mike's consistent levels of excellence in teaching undergraduates. Read More
11/27/2012 - Inderjit Dhillon and three Ph.D. students, Hsiang-Fu Yu, Cho-Jui Hsieh, and Si Si, won the Best Paper Award at the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM'12). Their paper, "Scalable Coordinate Descent Approaches to Parallel Matrix Factorization for Recommender Systems," is available on the UTCS website at Read More
11/20/2012 - The University of Texas team on the SC12 exhibit floor after learning they won the overall competition. Standing (left to right): John Lockman (TACC), Reid Douglas McKenzie, Anant Rathi, Andrew Wiley, Michael Teng, Steve Sofhauser (Dell), John Cazes (TACC). Kneeling (left to right): Julian Michael, Craig Yeh. Not pictured: Carlos Rosales. Read More
11/19/2012 - Mutual Mobile announced that Chief Technology Officer Mickey Ristroph has been honored by the 2012 Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) as Information Technologist and CTO of the Year. Read More
11/08/2012 - On November 2, 2012 the Department of Computer Science hosted Craig Mundie, Microsoft's Chief Research and Strategy Officer. To a packed house of over 250, Mr. Mundie used the latest Microsoft products to demonstrate the exciting ways computing is extending human capabilities, and enabling us to better understand and improve our world. Read More
10/30/2012 - Paper from McKinley, Berger, and Zorn has lasting influence. Read More
10/24/2012 - BBC News is one of many outlets to report that computer scientist Risto Miikkulainen and his team stepped away with first place at the annual BotPrize Competition for a bot that displayed behavior very similar to that of a human. Read More
10/22/2012 - Lecia Barker, professor in UT’s School of Information, recently received a $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation to increase women’s involvement in information technology. Read More
10/16/2012 - [Originally published on The Physics arXiv Blog, MIT Technology Review] Read More
09/26/2012 - AUSTIN, Texas — An artificially intelligent virtual gamer created by computer scientists at The University of Texas at Austin has won the BotPrize by convincing a panel of judges that it was more human-like than half the humans it competed against. The competition was sponsored by 2K Games and was set inside the virtual world of “Unreal Tournament 2004,” a first-person shooter video game. The winners were announced this month at the IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games. Read More
09/24/2012 - The University of Texas at Austin Department of Computer Science (UTCS) Friends of Computer Science (FoCS) 2012 Career Brunch was held in conjunction with the College of Natural Sciences (CNS) Career Expo on September 24, 2012 at the Frank Erwin Center. Read More
09/24/2012 - AUSTIN, Texas – Six assistant professors in the College of Natural Sciences have received Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) awards from the National Science Foundation. The CAREER awards recognize promising young faculty and supports their research with five years of funding. Read More


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