Final Lessons & Thoughts

Thoughts on Last Blog Post

It feels weird to consider this my last blog post for the semester, if not for the rest of my college career. Unfortunately, I will not be a blogger for the following year due to many circumstances, and though it is abrupt and sad, I do not consider it as a bad thing. Rather, I'd like to consider it an opportunity to share one last constructed ramble of life lessons and expressive reflection before I head off to whatever the future has in store. I hope you enjoy.


Going Down the Rabbit Hole

Do you ever wonder where a rabbit hole leads? The entrance is this small gaping hole that leads on a seemingly endless trail that has no end. There is also a phrase that is associated with it, called 'Going Down the Rabbit Hole'. In reference to "Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland", the main character Alice curiously chases after a well-dressed rabbit with a giant watch into a rabbit hole in order to appease her curiosity, leading to a series of adventures that are described in the book.

Exercise it Out

Exercise is one of the most important things to incorporate into a lifestyle. After experiencing all-nighters in the GDC, eating snacks and sitting hunchbacked in front of a computer (creds to 439 and Graphics), I realized that my physical health was important to sustain in order to succeed in other areas in my life.

Interviewing on the Side

As an interviewee candidate, whenever I walk into an interview, there are a lot of thoughts on my mind. How should I portray myself? What questions will the person ask? Is my tie on right? Will I enter the next steps? If I'm well prepared, I can confidently go through an interview without much problem. If I'm a bit tense, it takes a bit of time before I ease myself through the interview. If I'm a mess, well... it's a mess.

Broad Fields of Uncertainty: It's Okay Not to Know

I remember when I started my freshman year, I honestly wasn't too sure about what it meant to have a CS degree. All my exposure to Computer Science had been those times trying to build websites, make computer games, move robots, and participate in programming competitions.

In fact, I never knew there was a major called "CS". I had always assumed that when I went to college, I would need to get a coding or Software Engineer Major. Never would I have expected that there would be something called "Computer Science". How is computer even a science?

Going Historical

Slowly, as the semesters go by, most of the required courses I need to take as a CS Major gets checked off the list. With this, much of my schedule has become more freeing, allowing me to pick and choose classes rather than be "forced" into the regular intro courses.

New Year Reflection

Have you ever been in a moment where you've had so many events, exams, and assignments all packed together that you don't even get a chance to breathe, rest, or think?

That's what happened last semester for me.

Running this way and that, I was always on a nonstop pace in order to go to meetings at the Panda Express Union, or participate at an entrepreneurial event downtown, or hole up in the Incubator to finish some Graphics project - to preoccupy my mind and always busy myself.


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