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Interviewing on the Side

As an interviewee candidate, whenever I walk into an interview, there are a lot of thoughts on my mind. How should I portray myself? What questions will the person ask? Is my tie on right? Will I enter the next steps? If I'm well prepared, I can confidently go through an interview without much problem. If I'm a bit tense, it takes a bit of time before I ease myself through the interview. If I'm a mess, well... it's a mess.

Climbing the Learning Curve

A young girl faces a tall brick wall.

Sometimes, you have to climb those insurmountable walls.

There are a lot of things that I like about being a computer science student, but one thing I've found to be hard time after time, no matter how much experience I have, is delving into unfamiliar territory. Whether it be for a class that requires a bunch of skills I don't have, or an internship where I'm taking on a task that's completely new to me, or a project for the research lab I work with, learning something new is intimidating and difficult. Some people are great at getting their hands dirty and learning by doing, but I'm not one of those people at all.

The Worst Hobby

For the last six years, I've been using BSPWM, a window manager for Linux, along with a variety of impractical operating systems and terminal based tools. Among other consequences, my laptop screen constantly looks like a scene from CSI when they have two people on the same keyboard with green text flying across the screen in an attempt to "hack the mainframe", and I look like a nerd.

The Innocence of Youth

Fountains colored by light and a glowing ferris wheel mark the nighttime scene.

This was taken by me at the end of the World of Color performance at Disney's California Adventure Park. The performance used projections on water along with colored fountains and music to show the extent to which color is used in Disney movies and media.

Over spring break, my family and I visited Disneyland in California. You might be thinking that I'm a little too old for Disneyland, but I'd argue that you never can be too old; the experience just changes as you get older. When I was a younger child, Disneyland excited me because I got to meet all my favorite characters and go on rides that told their stories. Now, as a young adult, Disneyland was enjoyable for another reason entirely: I got to watch other little kids go through the same experience as I did, and I was reminded of how magical the experience can be for them.

Free Time (Part 1)

It's my last semester at UT, I'm in 10 hours, and I have a lot of free time. Last week, I woke up at 9 and went back to bed, the chance of something urgent needing my attention on any arbitrary day being so slim that I didn't even hesitate. Sometimes I'll wake up early on purpose just so I can get that warm feeling of drifting back to sleep. I eventually rolled out of bed at 11, just in time to catch my pre-med roommate readying his backpack for a 12 hour day on campus.

Why I Chose Turing

Alan Turing

I don’t like looking at things through rose-colored glasses. I would be a horrible salesman because I like presenting the good alongside the bad. I think part of what makes any CS program, any school, any company, anything good is that most people who attend are happy with where they are and what they’re doing. There is no substitute for pure passion, and I think that kind of passion is much easier to find when you’re in an environment that fits you.


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