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Bilateral Proofs of Safety and Progress Properties of Concurrent Programs Unpublished manuscript, Oct. 2016.

This paper suggests a theory of composable specification of concurrent programs that permits: (1) verification of program code for a given specification, and (2) composition of the specifications of the components to yield the specification of a program. The specification consists of both terminal properties that hold at the end of a program execution (if the execution terminates) and perpetual properties that hold throughout an execution. We devise (1) proof techniques for verification, and (2) composition rules to derive the specification of a program from those of its components. We employ terminal properties of components to derive perpetual properties of a program and conversely. Hence, this proof strategy is called bilateral. The compositional aspect of the theory is important in assembling a program out of components some of whose source code may not be available, as is increasingly the case with cross-vendor program integration.

Mapping among the nodes of infinite trees: A variation of Koenig's infinity lemma. Information Processing Letters, Jan. 2015.

Koenig's infinity lemma states that an infinite rooted tree in which every node has finite degree has an infinite path. A variation of this lemma about mappings from one tree to another is presented in this note. Its proof utilizes Koenig's lemma, and Koenig's lemma follows from this variation.

A denotational semantic theory of concurrent systems. This paper proposes a general denotational semantic theory suitable for most concurrent systems. It is based on well-known concepts of events, traces and specifications of systems as sets of traces. Unpublished manuscript. Aug. 2014.

A Secure Voting Scheme based on Rational Self-Interest. Formal Aspects of Computing, Volume 24, Issue 4 (2012), Page 793-805, also available at the publisher.

Processing Boolean Equalities and Inequalities. Unpublished manuscript.

Virtual Time and Timeout in Client-Server Networks. Unpublished manuscript.

(with Xiaozhou Li, C. Greg Plaxton) Maintaining the Ranch Topology. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing Vol. 70(11), Nov. 2010, pp 1142--1158.

(with Tony Hoare) Verified software: theories, tools, experiments. Vision of a Grand Challenge project (A position paper). LNCS 4171, pp 1--18, Springer Verlag.

(with Ankur Gupta) Synthesizing Programs over Recursive Data Structures (Unpublished).

(with Markus Kaltenbach) A Theory of Hints in Model checking,
Formal Methods at the Crossroads: From Panacea to Foundational Support, ed. Bernhard K. Aichernig and Tom Maibaum, LNCS 2757, pp 423-438, Springer-Verlag, 2003.

Derivation of a Parallel String Matching Algorithm,
Information Processing Letters, 85(5): 255-260, January 2003.

(with Ham Richards)  In Memoriam, Edsger Wybe Dijkstra (1930-2002).

A Reduction Theorem for Concurrent Object-Oriented Programs,
Programming Methodology, ed. Annabelle McIver and Carroll Morgan, Springer-Verlag, pp 69-92, 2002.

(with Young-ri Choi, Amit Garg, Siddhartha Rai, Harrick Vin) Orchestrating Computations on the World-wide Web,
Proceedings of the Euro-Par 2002, Paderborn, Germany, August 2002.

A Simple, Object-based View of Multiprogramming,
Formal Methods in System Design, Vol. 20, No. 1, January 2002.

(with Edsger W. Dijkstra) Designing a Calculational Proof of Cantor's Theorem,
American Mathematical Monthly, May 2001.

A Walk over the Shortest Path: Dijkstra's Algorithm Viewed as Fixed-Point Computation,
Information Processing Letters, 77(2--4), pp 197--200, February 2001.

Strategies to Combat Software Piracy  January 2000 (Unpublished).

 (with Rajeev Joshi)  Maximally Concurrent Programs
Formal Aspects of Computing, 2000, 12: 100--119.

 (with Rajeev Joshi)  On the Impossibility of Robust Solutions for Fair Resource allocation (Unpublished).

Generating-Functions of Interconnection Networks
Millennial Perspectives in Computer Science:
the proceedings of the 1999 Oxford--Microsoft Symposium in honour of Sir Tony Hoare.

Modular Multiprogramming,
Proc. NATO Advanced Study Institute on Calculational System Design,
Marktoberdorf, Germany, July 28-August 9, 1998,
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Phase Synchronization
Information Processing Letters, Vol. 38, pp. 81-85, 1991 Corrigenda
41, p. 59, 1992.

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Distributed Discrete Event Simulation
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